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ONE SOUL, ONE LOVE, ONE HEART: The Sacred Path to Healing All Relationships:  What most of us want – more than anything – is Love.  More than money, possessions, or fame – we want love.  In our heart we know love is the only thing that can make us happy and heal our world. How do we heal difficult relationships and nurture healthy ones? How do we forgive? How do we love those we find most difficult to love? What do we mean when we say “we are all One?” How do we live in that consciousness? Through lecture, guided meditation, exercises, and discussion, we will learn how to transform all our relationships into fertile ground for inner growth, spiritual awakening, and happiness; how to feel the love and compassion in our hearts, and send it out into the world; how to see the One in everyone; deal effectively with difficult people; heal wounded relationships; let go of resentment: and find inner peace. This workshop deals with all our relationships.  It is open to singles, couples, and anyone seeking to live their life in the radiant bliss of love.

MEDITATION: Living in the Eternal Now – How do I live in bliss?  How do I discover “The Eternal Now?” How do I know my Soul?  How do I  get free from worry, anger, and sadness? These questions and many others are answered in this enlightening, enlivening, enriching workshop. Attendees will learn how to meditate, and how to develop spiritual techniques that can transform daily life into “a thrilling divine romance.” They will learn how to convert difficult relationships and challenging circumstances into “grist for the mill” of spiritual awakening.

BEING FULLY ALIVE is an engaging and entertaining presentation that entices the audience to examine their lives; to look at what might be lacking; and to fill what gaps there are with love, awareness, fulfillment, and gratitude. A variety of techniques and perspectives give the audience members practical tools that can be employed immediately; tools that will help them find balance in their lives; how to have calmness and peace, excitement and exhilaration; how to feel complete whether they’re old or young, sick or healthy. John shows attendees how to have happier family relationships and more gratifying work relationships.

AWAKENING FROM GRIEF: Finding the Way Back to Joy is a moving and helpful presentation of a very sensitive subject. With deep sensitivity and an extraordinarily compassionate approach participants are able to bring their feelings to the surface, and to acknowledge and work on them in a way that is truly helpful. Amid sorrow, there are still opportunities for joy. Participants go home feeling renewed and refreshed, with a new sense of love for – and connection to – loved ones who have died. They also take away new methods of continuing the work they started at the workshops.

CARING FOR THE CAREGIVER – Avoiding Burn-Out when Caring for Loved Ones – One of the most challenging aspects of life comes about when we are called upon to care for an aging or dying parent, relative, or other loved one. The stresses and difficulties can be overwhelming, and often our ability to care for ourselves gets lost in the commitment to another. We may begin to feel as though we have no life of our own, or find ourselves exhausted, frustrated, bitter, and angry. We are endeavoring to do a selfless act, but we fear that the simple effort to take care of ourself would be selfish, and that leads to feelings of guilt. This workshop gives participants the tools necessary to reclaim themselves, and to care for others without drowning in the inevitable demands and frustrations. At the end of the workshop, participants will be better able to serve others – and themselves – with love and compassion.

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