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WORKSHOPS That Help Make The Most of BUSINESS

John is an experienced, insightful and engaging presenter. To schedule one of the programs below, or to discuss a presentation that’s custom-designed for your organization, please contact us.

EXTRAORDINARY CUSTOMER SERVICE IS FUN!- Tools for Making Your Company Stand Out in a Highly Competitive World. Imagine how your company or organization would thrive if customers were treated like honored guests and co-workers treated each other like family. This exciting, humor-packed, fast-paced business workshop is filled with techniques for companies of any size. It not only gives participants the means to understand and practice superior customer service, but also an understanding of TEAMWORK as an ESSENTIAL ingredient of success.

BRINGING LOVE AND SPIRIT TO THE WORKPLACE – Tools for Making Our Livelihood Truly Nourishing. If you had the chance to turn your profession into the exciting, fulfilling adventure you have always hoped it would be, wouldn’t you jump at it? This workshop could well be the chance you – and everyone else in your company – hoped for. Imagine if your entire workforce woke up each and very morning looking forward to being with their employer, co-workers, and customers. It can happen, and this workshop will show you how to make it happen; how to completely refocus perspectives about the job; and how to transform every type of work into a meaningful, nourishing experience.

AVOIDING BURN-OUT – Meditation and Stress reduction for Health-Care Workers and Their Patients. This workshop is specifically designed for the management and staffs of hospitals and hospices, and provides the participants with the means of integrating meditation and stress reduction into their very demanding work lives. They are also introduced to techniques they can share with patients and clients.